februarie 4, 2012

Alexandru Marian Spanish Guitars

This is a matched pair for a duo. Unfortunately the photos came out really poor as I made them in a big hurry. Better closeup can be found in the construction post. Maybe I will manage to update them later, same for the sound samples. The clip is Danza de la Pastora by Ernesto Halffter, the player’s own transcription. It is very recent and a work in progress at a slower tempo. The guitars only had strings on for a day. The recording is made with a Zoom H4 placed not so ideally on the floor.

Most of the wood used came in sister sets: tops, backs, necks, bracing, headplates and so on. The bridges are not sister cuts (which I had) but instead I picked the lowest damping Madagascar I had and the blanks were matched in pitch and density. The bracing is Bouchet style. I am very pleased…

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