martie 8, 2012

Alexandru Marian Spanish Guitars

Roman Boianciuc is one of the most important Romanian luthiers, known for his fine violins and for being the heart and soul of the Reghin factory for decades. Roman also built a small number of guitars, which today are rare and sought after in Romania. Roman took pride in creating lavish decorations. The beautiful rosette of this guitar built in approximately 1982 is very fine in detail, entirely in side grain, and the soundboard purfling uses the same red crosses pattern as the rosette at an even smaller scale. The ebony headstock is beautifully carved. The soundboard is fine Carpathian spruce, the fingerboard is exceptional quality ebony (showing silk across the entire width), S.A. mahogany neck, ebony bridge. The back and sides are a tawny curly wood which might be ovangkol.

Seeing this guitar has been a bit of a shock to me as the red cross /white rhombus motif…

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