iunie 9, 2012

De citit legătura dintre Robin Hood şi lăuta renascentistă.

Unquiet Thoughts

How did the lute come to be associated with the troubadour / traveling minstrel image?  Surely, lutes in European culture have always been delicate and expensive instruments.

Today, people’s idea of the lute and its music may be a bit more enlightened but, not so long ago, mere mention of the instrument conjured images of Robin Hood and his minstrel companion, Alan-a-Dale.  These images are really the result of a melding of stories that were always fanciful to begin with but were further enhanced by the Hollywood myth machine.

Robin Hood, it turns out, may have been an actual character and was referenced fairly early on in sources such as the Scotichronicon, composed by John of Fordun circa 1384, and embellished  by Walter Bower around 1440.  Bower mentions Robin Hood in reference to Simon de Montfort and his unhappy campaign:

Then arose the famous murderer, Robert Hood, as well…

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